Is Your Home Drafty? It Could Be Your Windows

If your home feels drafty, there are a few things you can do to help seal your home and reduce the draft. When your house is drafty, you lose energy efficiency. Your heating and cooling system work overtime to keep the temperature steady in the house. 

Windows help your home stay sealed tight. However, as your home and your windows age, the seals can break. Air gets through the breaks in the seals. 

When it comes to your home's windows, you have options. Today we'll take a look at adding storm windows vs. replacing your current windows to help reduce the draft and the electric bill for your house. 

Replacement Windows

If you have an old home, your first thought might be that it's time to replace your windows when you notice a draft. 

A woman wearing heavy winter clothes and a fur-lined hood

Drafty old homes have charm. But the draft makes winters feel extra cold, and those summers in Lubbock feel extra hot. 

Before you decide to replace windows, be sure that's what you really need. If your windows have cracks or other damage or your renovating your home, you probably should consider replacing your windows. 

Cracks in the glass or structure of the window lead to breaks. A cracked window is also a good target for break-ins. Your home appears neglected when you let broken windows stay in place. 

Replacement windows might also be necessary if you can't find replacement parts for your windows. Aside from the metal and the glass, windows have parts that help them open, close, and lock. 

However, if your windows don't show cracks, aren't broken, and aren't too old, you might consider another option to get rid of drafts. Keep your current windows and add storm windows. 

Storm Windows

Storm windows are additional windows installed outside of existing windows. They improve a home's energy efficiency. Storm windows also provide some extra protection against rain and hail. 

Adding storm windows to your home is a more affordable way to reduce drafts around your single-pain windows. When you live in places like Lubbock, storm windows are an ideal way to protect your home from wind and dust blowing through cracks in your home. 

Storm windows are easier to add to your home than it is to replace existing windows. Plus, each home has unique needs. Use a professional to install them without damage to your existing windows. 

There's one important thing to remember about adding storm windows: you won't be able to open your windows after you add the storm windows. 

If you enjoy opening the windows to enjoy the breeze when the weather is right, storm windows might not be for you. Or, consider adding storm windows only to specific windows that would best cut down on the draft in your home. Save a few single-pane windows so you can enjoy the breeze when you want it. 

The Right Time for Replacements or Repairs

If you have a broken window, replace it right away. However, if you're considering a whole-house window replacement or adding storm windows, schedule the project for spring or summer

a broken window.

Caulking and other materials work better in warmer temperatures. You'll want your new window installation to have the best chance of success. 

Warmer months are also the best time to improve your home's energy efficiency. 

Stop the Draft With the Right Windows

Whether it's time for replacement or adding storm windows is the best choice, stop the draft in your home. 

Fitz Roofing handles more than roofs in the Lubbock area. We know that the right windows add beauty to your home while protecting your family from the elements. Let us help you design the right window solution for your home.


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