Standard vs. Seamless: Which Gutter Is Right for You?

Gutters serve an essential function for your home. Not only do they keep the rainwater away from the foundation of your home, but it also plays a vital role in roof maintenance. If your gutters are clogged up, then the water cannot flow freely down and away from your home. Water resting on your roof can freeze in the winter—yes, we can get ice in Texas—causing problems for your roof. Furthermore, if the water cannot flow away from the foundation of your home, then it can slowly seep, causing small cracks, mold, and water damage over time. Does it matter what type of gutters you get? Read on to learn more!

Standard Gutters

Regular gutters are the ones you with which you are probably most familiar with in Texas. They come in pieces or sections that are connected to form the gutter. You can also cut down the parts to fit smaller areas. They fit together with pieces called connectors.

Red gutters on a home

Choice of Material

Standard gutters are available in different materials, and the content you chose will determine the cost. Here are the four common materials used for regular gutters with accompanying prices:

  • Aluminum: This is the most popular choice because it's not only cost friendly but holds up well in all types of weather. It's lightweight, resists rust, and comes in many colors. The average cost is about $5.54 per foot.
  • Vinyl: This is an inexpensive option but one that won't hold up as long as aluminum. The price ranges from $4.00 – $5.00 per foot installed.
  • Stainless Steel: This material is heavy duty and more costly. The average price is $16.00 per foot, reflective of its durability.
  • Zinc: At an average cost of $18.00 a foot, this falls right above steel. Over time, zinc gutters will form a protective patina layer.

The upside of using standard gutters is the price is better if you go with something like vinyl. The downside is that sectional gutters may eventually leak over time because of their segmented parts. However, a professional installation will reduce the chances of this happening. 

Seamless Gutters

These gutters don’t have any seams but are one continuous piece. That means you won’t need to worry about leaks with seamless gutters. Since seamless gutters do not come in sections, the contractor will create and custom cut the system while on site. You won’t be able to do the installation yourself; a professional should handle this job.

Most people choose aluminum for their seamless gutters because of their durability and lightness. They won’t rust and hold up excellently during hot or cold weather. Aluminum is also reasonably priced with an average cost of $11.00 per foot.

Other material options for seamless gutters include coated steel and copper. 

  • Steel is less costly than aluminum but is not as lightweight. The massive pull of the gutters could be a problem to a home if the gutters are not regularly cleaned. The other thing to watch for with coated steel is if the coating scratches off, then the gutters can rust.
  • Copper is the most expensive material for seamless gutters with a cost of $24.00 a foot. It does create a stunning visual look that is impressive, and it pairs nicely with brick or real wood siding. Copper, like zinc, will also form a patina over time in response to the elements.

Seamless gutters are an excellent choice if you don’t want to worry about leaks. However, there is one downside to consider: if any part of the gutter becomes damaged, you can’t replace a piece like you can with the sectional gutters. In this scenario, you’ll have to replace the entire system. Knowing this, seamless gutters come with warranties—check with your professional contractor to find out the details.

Could Your Gutters Use an Upgrade?

curved red gutters around an oddly shaped roof

Whether you decide to go with seamless or standard gutters is a matter of preference. Both come in a variety of material types and color options. With all the available choices, you might be wondering which is best for your Texas home. Reach out to Fitz Roofing, your local gutter professionals, for a FREE estimate! Our experienced and knowledgeable team is ready to help make your dream gutters a reality!

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