8 Risks of Waiting to Repair Your Roof

Some homeowners opt to put off home repairs until a later time. However, later might be too late, as more damage ensues. Further damage is often the result when homeowners put off repairing their roof. It’s understandable that people may want to ignore the signs of a roof going bad. Sometimes people hope that the drip of water they felt or saw in their home was just a fluke. They try to mask the musty odor with “spring cleaning.” But when all is said and done, the roof is the culprit. The problem is if you neglect to repair your roof, you will have more significant issues in the end.

8 Risks of Waiting to Repair Your Roof

Waiting to repair your roof is risky because it can cause further problems such as:

Water Damage

The first thing we think about when our roof starts going downhill is the water coming in. Water causes serious consequences when it gets inside your home. The main problem is that much of the water that comes in through roof damage; you probably don’t see. It could be lying between your roofing and ceiling. However, just because you don’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not causing harm. Water can warp wood, cause paint to bubble up, and pull the adhesive off of wallpaper. That’s not all water will do.  If it's left unstopped, the wood absorbs the water; it begins to swell, and then starts to split apart.Water damaged ceiling leaking water on the floor below as two people try to stop it with buckets

Mold and Mildew

Once water has begun to creep into the home and soak into the ceiling, walls, and flooring, then mold and mildew will start to grow. Mold can begin to develop in as little as 24 to 48 hours. You will notice the first signs of the hidden mold by its musty odor. Once it pushes past the surface, you’ll see evidence of the mold such as black spots.

Health Hazards

When mold and mildew begin to grow, you expose yourself to potential health hazards. Mold makes it difficult to breathe for people with compromised lungs.  People with asthma or allergies may suffer breathing difficulties from the mold.

Critters Coming In

If your roof damage is causing a gap somewhere, then there’s a risk that some critters will get in. You don’t want to open up your home to mice, birds, raccoons, and so on. Even a small opening may invite a nest of wasps, hornets, or termites.

Metal roof completed by the Fitz Roofing team.

Further deterioration

The problem with neglecting any repair is the probability that the issue will get worse. A damaged roof is prone to worsen if ignored. If there’s an opening, then rain, wind, and elements will continue to seep in. This leads to the continued deterioration of the roof, causing more damage to your home.

Increased Utility Bills

Nothing jacks up the utility bills like letting in a blast of cold air in the winter or the humid, hot air in the summer. That’s just what happens when your roof has sustained damage. Whether it’s caused by missing shingles or loss from a storm, any opening is an invitation for the air to come in or escape out. With that comes the higher bills.

Increased Cost to Fix

Some people may delay fixing their roof because they are worried about how much it’s going to cost. However, as time goes on and the problem worsens, the cost increases too. For example, if you only need to repair an area that is the width and length of a few shingles, that will be much less than repairing the roof if it’s the length and width of several more shingles. In time, the size of the damage will get larger and so will the bill to fix it. It’s best to take action right away and repair it while the cost is as low as it is.

May Lead to Need for Total Replacement

No matter how much you may dread getting your roof repaired, you certainly don’t want to have the entire roof replaced. That’s a much more complicated job than a simple repair. However, just as with anything that you let go when it needs repair, in time you’ll end up needing to replace the entire thing. It’s best to take the step and make necessary repairs as soon as you notice any roof damage.

If you suspect that your roof is damaged, it’s time to have someone take a look at it sooner rather than later. At Fitz Roofing, our team of contractors will inspect your roof, and we’ll give it an honest review of what you’ll need to get it repaired. Get your guide to finding the best roofing contractors for your home today.


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