5 Tips For Selecting a Roofing Contractor

Replacing or repairing your roof is an important task and one that you don’t want to take lightly. Whether storms, age, or water has damaged or ruined your roof, you want to take your time in selecting the best roofing contractor for the job. This investment will add value to your home. How can you be sure to get the right roofing contractor? Here are five characteristics to look for.

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1. Qualifications

You don’t want to have just anyone installing your roof. While formal higher education such as a bachelor’s degree is not a necessity, you want your contractor to have the necessary training completed. 

Roofing contractors are not required to hold a state license in Texas. However, each city in Texas establishes its own licensing laws. The Roofing Contractors Association of Texas offers a voluntary licensing program that allows roofers to acquire a license to operate in any city throughout the state.

2. Experience

You may think that if a roofer has the qualifications, then you will have just what you need in a contractor. However, having a contractor with a wealth of experience will prove invaluable. Years of experience on the job provides the contractor with much-needed information. They will run into challenges they must work to solve, and every new situation is a learning opportunity. Experience complements education, giving the contractor a well-rounded portfolio.

3. Customer Testimonials

Nothing says a job well done better than a customer who gives high marks to the roofing contractor. A contractor may say that he is better than the rest, but when customers give it a shout out, then you know you have a winner. Check for online reviews with Yelp, Google, Better Business Bureau, Angie’s List, and the company’s website and social media accounts to find out what customers have to say about their work performance.

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4. Quality Characteristics

Just because someone is qualified to do your roof doesn’t always mean they will provide quality service. There is more to the job than only installing or repairing the roof. You want a company that maintains high standards. Some characteristics of a quality contractor include:

  • Prompt
  • Honest
  • Ethical
  • Neat (cleans up their mess)
  • Great communication with the client
  • Gives back to the community

Since the contractor will be coming to your home, these qualities will make the entire process more pleasant.

5. Superior Equipment & Options

From the pre-inspection to the clean-up process, you want the roofing contractor to use only superior equipment to perform the work. High-quality equipment shows that the roofing contractor cares about the business. Old and outdated tools and equipment may not perform well on your roof and could cause damage. When searching for a roofing contractor, make sure they have the equipment necessary to complete a thorough job. It’s also important to find a contractor who gives you plenty of roofing choices. From decorative Spanish tile to energy-efficient, it’s important to have options from which to choose.

Investing in your home with a new roof is a good decision. Finding the top roofing contractor is simple when you look to Fitz Roofing. Download our free Homeowners Guide to Choosing the Best Roofing Company.


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