5 Tips for Maintaining Beautiful Asphalt Shingles

Your roof is probably one of the most valuable components of your home. It’s also a vital part of your house, keeping out the rain and elements. Once a roof begins to deteriorate, then replacement is inevitable. However, with the proper maintenance plan, you can keep your asphalt shingles in premium shape for many years.

Asphalt shingles are the most popular type of roofing material. They are cost-effective, long lasting, and easy to maintain. Here are tips to keep the asphalt shingles on your Texas home in top form.

Clean Regularly

Just as with anything else you own, you need to give your roof a routine cleaning! This is especially important with your roof because of exposure to the elements. You never know what types of things may blow unto your roof: windstorms bring debris, sticks, branches, and rocks to your roof’s surface. Anything that is left lying on your roof is a potential hazard. 

Even ice or snow that isn’t allowed to flow off the roof properly due to clogged gutters can be problematic. Checking and clearing your gutters should be part of your routine for roof maintenance. Check your roof approximately twice a year, and use a broom and leaf blower to remove items that shouldn’t be there. Some people aren’t able to get on their roof for various reasons: let a professional take care of that for you and maintain good "roof health."

Check and Inspect

Approximately twice a year, usually once you’re done cleaning it off, you should have a professional check out your roof for any damage. With the lousy weather that blows through Texas regularly, especially in the spring, you never know what type of damage may be done to your roof. Missing shingles is just one of several problems that may arise! Some of the items the roofing inspector will look for include:

  • Broken or loose shingles
  • Flashing that may be missing, damaged, or rusty
  • Chimney damage, if applicable
  • Exposed nails
  • Damaged shingles (curled, blistered, split)

A professional inspector knows what to look for so that you can catch any potential issues while they’re in the early stages.

Repair Damage and Replace Shingles

If there is damage on the roof, you need to tackle the problem right away. If you delay repairing your roof, it will only lead to more significant, costly repairs. If shingles are severely damaged, they need to be replaced altogether: you can’t repair a damaged shingle.

After a storm, it’s essential to check the roof for any missing shingles and replace them with new ones. If you don’t, you risk allowing rainwater to seep in through the ceiling and cause costly damage.

Caulk Your Roof!

Caulking is not only for windows and doors: your roof needs it from time to time, too. The places you may need to caulk are around the chimney base, plumbing vents, and any other area where water could get in such as the flashing. If the caulking is wearing off over time, it’s critical to get a fresh coat so no water creeps in.

To do an efficient job, you’ll first want to remove the old caulking. Once that’s done, wipe it down so it’s dry, and then apply new caulking. Make sure you have it sealed adequately! You don’t need to worry about whether it’s going to rain after you do it because water won’t affect the caulking.

aerial view of new roof by the Fitz team

Do a Thorough Internal Check

Yes, that’s right—you need to check out one place inside your home. Your attic ventilation and insulation play a part in maintaining your asphalt shingles: if the attic is not getting the proper ventilation, then mold may accumulate. Furthermore, if the insulation in the attic of your home is faulty or inadequate, then it won’t do the job of keeping ice from freezing on your roof—yes, we still get ice in Texas! The warmer your attic is, the more likely ice will melt faster.

Bring in the Roofing Professionals!

Keeping your shingles maintained is of utmost importance! By taking care of regular inspections, repairs, and roof maintenance, you will retain the value of your home and save money in costly repairs later on. However, it’s crucial to have a professional assist you in this process and get it done right. Do you know what shape your roof is in? Get a FREE estimate from Fitz Roofing, your Texas roofing experts!

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