10 Energy Tips for Texas Homeowners

Improving energy efficiency is an essential goal for most homeowners. With the development and availability of energy efficient products (including roofing), everyone can cut energy costs and save money. Here are 10 energy-cutting tips for homeowners in Texas.

Adjust your Thermostat

It may not seem like much, but adjusting your thermostat even one degree in favor of savings will increase savings by up to eight percent. In the summer, set your A/C on 78 degrees for maximum savings.

Use a Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat will help you stay on top of your temperature. If you are gone to work during the day, a smart thermostat is convenient. You can increase the thermostat in the summer or decrease it in the winter without being home. Just set your schedule for what temperatures you want at what times/days.

Smart Home Thermostat

Eliminate Air Loss

If you are getting air loss from any area, then seal it up. That includes caulking around your windows and sealing up gaps around your doors. In addition, make sure your insulation is adequate.

Use Ceiling Fans

Another way to reduce costs during the sweltering Texas summer is to use ceiling fans and cut down on the air conditioning a bit.

Invest in Energy-Efficient Appliances

If you don’t already have energy-efficient appliances, switch to more efficient ones when it’s time to replace your old ones. Look for the Energy Star label when making your purchase.

Cover Your Windows

Although we all enjoy the sunshine streaming into the house, the sun’s heat can add to the energy costs by making your air conditioner work more. It’s best to close your blinds or curtains during the hottest days of summer during the afternoon when the heat intensifies.

Take Care of Your HVAC Equipment

If your HVAC equipment is in top operating condition, it will run more efficiently. Have a contractor inspect it annually, and make sure to change your filters monthly. Also, close the vents in the rooms that you’re not using.

Cut Down on Lighting Costs

Make sure all your light bulbs are LED or halogen incandescents. Also, turn off the lights when you’re not using them.

Cleaning Tips to Reduce Costs

Dust and dirt accumulate on your refrigerator coils, which make it work harder. The added dirt increases energy costs. If you vacuum them off three times a year, it will help reduce energy costs.

Your dryer is one of the biggest energy consumers in the home. Make sure to clean the lint tray frequently, so you don’t over-use the dryer.Clothes dryer full of clothes with a person removing lint from the trap

Best Roof for Texas Heat

Some roofing materials are better for those smoldering Texas summers. Although asphalt is a popular choice because of its budget-friendly price, it’s not the best selection for resisting heat. Asphalt shingles hold in the heat, which can make your home hotter and your energy costs higher. Here are the three roofing materials for those who live in blistering hot climates:

Terra-Cotta Tiles and Ceramic

This material is not only excellent for holding up in extreme temperatures and resisting heat, but it is beautiful too. It has a curved, elegant shape and bright, festive color. The only drawback is that the roofing is quite heavy.


This attractive roofing material naturally reflects the sun so that it will reduce energy costs. Make sure you select a lighter color since dark colors attract the sun.

Concrete Tile Roofs

If you want something a bit less costly than terra cotta, the concrete tile is another option. It has similar thermal properties as terra cotta so you will get the same benefits.

Metal Roofs

Metal roofs are one of the more popular options. They are environmentally friendly, not extremely heavy, and won’t hold in the heat. Many energy-efficient metal roofing systems come with an “airspace between the panels and the decking.” This allows heat to be transferred away from the interior and reducing energy costs by up to 20 percent.

Living in Texas may bring some hot summers, but you can stay cool and keep your energy costs under control. Implement these tips and watch your savings increase. If you need a roofing installation, contact Fitz Roofing. Our contractors are experienced in installing a large variety of roofing materials and types. We also do designer roofs for those who want added aesthetic appeal. We’ll be glad to give you a consultation about what roofing material would be best for your house. Get in touch today!

You can also download our free guide to finding the best Houston Roofing Company, just follow this link!


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